16 Reasons Pugs Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All Time

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  • So you plan to spend some hefty time with your pugs in the comforts of your home? And as planned, you will also try to pull up some games, be a “mom” and a “dad” for a day with your big-eyed canines. Does it seem that they are just not getting you at all. Or do you feel confused that they aren't responsive? Don’t be because these pugs just don’t want to stay indoors. These cute wrinkly pugs just wants to liberate themselves a bit in the outdoors and spend some time with nature. So don't worry if you get mixed signals either way, they look charming still and totally adorable in their state of boredom. Learn all these in the series of photos featured in this post and please don’t go bawling with them as well in this situation.

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    1. They’re only using you.

    pug bathing

    2. Can’t I be any more clear?

    pug face

    3. They’re using you to have a roof over their heads.

    pug dog

    4. They pretend to be cute…

    pug cute dog

    5. …but really, deep down inside, they’re plotting ways to take over your domain.

    cute pug looking

    6. Look, they’re already taking over.

    pug dog photo

    7. I told you!

    pug dogs in bed

    8. Alone time? You’ll never have it.

    pug puppy


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