16 Times Pugs Had Better Fashion Advice Than Your Best Friend

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  • Totally this fashion savvy advice should not be missed out! The world of fashion, glitz and glamor is not only for celebrities. These pugs are on it and they sure kill it with their looks fiercely. Step to the right and straight ahead. One by one these pugs sure knows how to flaunt a starky eyeglasses and even those lopsy-sided bikini. Yup,undoubtedly, these pugs could work it out from wearing an exotic animal print look to becoming a posh prim and proper balladeer. Is there even a need to say more if your pug is just totally sporting that cool knitted wrap around his neck like “what’s up?”

    Did you have fun visualizing these pugs in Cara Delevigne/ Kendall Jenner model-mode? Check out some pictures provided below but make sure to visit the resource site at the bottom of the page to get the complete details.

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    1. A smile is your best acessory


    2. Don't be afraid to match with your bestfriend

    3. Wear shades so the hater won't see you


    4. There are no bad hair days. Just opportunities to wear your favorite beanies

    5. Experiment with wigs

    6. Pick out dome fabulous shoes, then build your outfit around them

    7. Let you inner diva shine through

    8. …. but don't be afraid to choose comfort too

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