16 Ways Having A Pug Ruins You For Life

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  • A life ruiner! That is what these cute little pugs are. They are good in leaving our homes crippled to disaster in moments. Undoubtedly, the best place they go to to blurt out their anger is in the kitchen and the major surprise that will approach you the next time is seeing the turkey you are dishing on the table completely gone.. I now warn you on who to blame. Yup the wrinkly face doe eyed patootsie is the culprit. And don’t you try making your toddlers cuddle up with these pugs because in the end, these two will be attached to each other more than ever. We told you  pugs are a life ruiner and you want to get involved in these complicated scenarios.

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    1. They never want to spend any time with you.

    girl pug friends

    2. And they won’t bond with your children.

    pugs kid bed fun

    3. In fact, they won’t even give your kids the time of day.

    pug kid photo cool

    4. They never take a break.

    sleeping pugs bed

    5. Seriously, you’ll never get a moment’s peace.

    cute sleeping pugs arm chair

    6. You’ll end up losing fingers from all the biting they do.

    cute pug fingers pics dog

    7. You’ll spend countless hours trying to train them — but it can’t be done.

    sitting pug photo dog

    8. You’re gonna have to get rid of your cat, because they can’t stand being around them.

    pug kitty faces friends

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