The Sniper Pug Is Back! Learn His Smarty Cool Ways As Sgt. Pugsley

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  • What’s a pug got to do in times of “Rambo” and the age of forcezilla? This will give any pug lover the greatest laugh of all and definitely, it will hit watchers to the core. Sgt. Pugsley and his commandos are the main characters in the story. Ultimately, you’ll learn a lot of tactical and combat skills from Sgt. Pugsley as he heads his team or better yet you’ll just enjoy watching him relax and chill out as his team are battling their a** out! One thing’s for sure after watching this hilarious video, you’ll know how to chill like Sgt. Pugsley and that their ain’t nothing cooler than him.

    Check out the video below and make sure to visit the resource site at the bottom of the page to see more hilarious pug episodes.

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